Friday, July 07, 2006


So today I bought my first set of Gospel Tracts and put them out around town here and there... only three places but ya know! It was very cool because I left one on a urinal in a McDonald's. I went back in and it had been moved and read.

I pray that guy was spoken to, and that he listened and spoke to God about it!!

Guys and Gals, this is the easiest way to spread the gospel. Leave tracts here and there. I'm sold on it.

Check this one out 101 of the funniest 1 liners.


Joseph said...

I find tracts to be irresponsible, because of the lack of relationship. If we're supposed to represent christ in the earth then how do tracts build relationships with the lost. what do you think?

Kevl said...

Hey Joseph,

It could seem like that, but really salvation has nothing to do with the person doing the witnessing anyway. It's a work of the Holy Spirit convicting the person and leading them to reach out to the Savior.

Some 53% of people being saved are done through the printed word now.

Kevl said...

To follow up. Some great things about tracts are these.

People read them when they are ready. They don't start arguments. They can get into people's homes, and private places where no one lets any one come "preach" to you.

They are "safe". They touch people on a deeply personal level because they read them in their personal time and places.