Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thoughts On The Mid East

Well, while this may be well beyond my normal topics it does relate. Many will be looking at the current crisis and trying to fit it into the Book of Revelation.

While the events surely do relate to Israel, and how the world interacts with this nation, these are not those future events revealed in Revelation.

The next big event in the prophesied future history of the world is the Rapture of the Church. Tribulation, which is the period of time described in Revelation does not start until the Church is "caught up to Heaven".

OK with that having been said I'd like to make a clear statement.

This is quickly becoming a wider conflict. I watched the Syrian Ambassador to the US interviewed on CNN this morning. While he refused to admit direct military support of Hezbollah he didn't refute claims that they are allowing Iran to do so using Syrian territory.

Today, as previous to other Israeli attacks, The IAF (Israeli Air Force) dropped warning pamphlets to tell the residents of Southern Lebanon to leave immediately as an attack is imminent. I want to clearly state that there are few military forces in the world that announce where they are going to attack previous to doing so. If Hezbollah encamps in civilian areas, and if people do not or are not allowed to leave these areas surely civilian deaths can not be Israel's fault.

Today we learned that 5 Canadians were killed in Lebanon, report-ably by Israeli weapons. This pains me. Yet I hold firmly to the fact that Israel has the right to defend it's self. If anyone questions this, I ask you to honestly consider hundreds of rockets landing on you own city. How would you expect your government to react? What if this happened over and over and over again. Be honest in your answer and I believe you will agree that Israeli is required to route out Hezbollah now before this gets worse.

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