Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On My Walk: Started Writing Today

I've been very busy with a bunch of life stuff over the last two months. Evangelism on Friday nights has really picked up and that has led to an Evangelism prayer meeting being held at my house on Tuesdays weekly. This has been a HUGE blessing.

My wife and I have also started attending a House Church just outside of our city. We're finally at a place that holds firmly and completely to a Free Grace view of the Gospel. No more tense moments listening to someone preach a mixed up message and figuring out how to firmly but gracefully correct the problem.

Finally, today I have written the first bit of my next book which is going to be a surgical exposition on the Gospel of The Christ. The target audience includes the Christian Layperson, Evangelists, and Unbelievers looking to discover what the Gospel actually is. I've been researching this for sometime and have been taking notes and planning chapters. Today however, the first actual writing was completed!! I had expected to release this book in December. I guess I'm a bit behind schedule. :)