Tuesday, July 04, 2006

N. Korea test fires LONG range missile - failure.

Looks like they bit off more than they could chew. That's a good thing.


EDIT: this post is a bit out of left field for my blog.. but ya know, I did a search an no one else seemed to have made a post about it yet... I couldn't resist. Pray for me.... I'm an attention hog.

OH and just for you know.. it was a complete failure (my attention grab attempt that is) only one new person actually visited and they left immediately. LOL that'll teach me!

EDIT#2 what's even funnier is I spelled missile incorrectly - "missle" in the title... I really need to stay in my own genre from now on I think. :)


Joseph said...

wasting time worrying about elements of chaos in the earth, choose identity in Christ and Abide in Him

joshua 5:13-14

Kevl said...

Agreed. Fully. The Church has one calling to preach the Gospel to every creature. Israel will have the purpose of converting the world once the Church is raptured.

It was an all out silly post for me to make.