Saturday, July 22, 2006

These that have turned the world upside down

Acts 17:1-9 amazes me. These few people had such a powerful effect on the world they were accused before the courts of having "turned the world upside down".

I've been asking God if this is really still possible in today's world. I live in a city of about 480,000 people. As I've posted before, I've been out with a small group of believers witnessing on the streets for the past few Fridays. On any given outing we witness to about 600 people.

Tonight a woman turned down a tract and said "No Thanks. Everyone is getting these things...."


Now we have hardly reached "everyone", in fact we've reached a small percentage of the city face to face, and the tracts have likely changed hands a couple of times. Since the group has been going out (including time previous to my joining them) it seems we have reached about 6000 people. If 10% of the tracts get passed on to someone else, then we've reached 6600 people. A much smaller portion has actually had the Gospel spoken to them face to face. We only engage in conversation with people who want to talk.

Now this woman, who was just waiting for her ride to show up, had the impression that "everyone" was getting them. I'm sure she didn't mean "everyone" in the literal sense. Yet she did mean it in the topical sense.

Clearly, today even, a small group of people can turn the world up side down if they are working in the power of Christ.


Ricky said...

praise God for the labourings yor doing in Halifax

keep the Faith!

ps - are there any open air preachers there?

Kevl said...

One of the guys who comes out with us (actually we joined him.. hehe) Yuri, not sure of the spelling, does open air preaching. I haven't seen anyone else though.

I'm hoping to be able to do so at some point myself.

God is great isn't He? It's amazing what He can do with a person.