Monday, July 17, 2006

Slow Light

Last week MSNBC reported The speed of light may have been different in the past. I had noted then that this wasn't exactly a new idea. Actually, even secular scientists have proven that the speed of light can be slowed down, to a stand still even by using Sodium. You can Google Sodium+speed+light to see for yourself or you can click this Google Search that I was so kind to make for you. :)

This becomes interesting to Creationists, because while measuring the distance to distant stars is far from a "science" at this point they do, by all accounts, seem to be very far away. There is often a good question asked of how can the Universe only be 6,000 years old if there are stars so far away and we can see the light from them. There are a bunch of interesting and scientifically sound reasons for how this could be, but none are yet verifiable that I know of.

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