Friday, July 28, 2006

I Love The Gospel

It's a funny thing, salvation has been mine for a long time now. Someone told me recently, it was a very secular teaching but it had some "observable" merit. He said, the last thing you think off before you go to sleep is often what is very important to you.

Last night I was speaking with my wife as we were about to drift off to sleep. I had completely forgotten about this other person's statement (until I just started to write this post actually) and we were just sharing about God. I suddenly had an overwhelming love in my heart. I blurted out, though quietly, "I love the Gospel". Then I realized it was the first time in my life that I had said that and meant it as much as I think God would have me mean it.

Each of us is a sinner, individually responsible for our every action, inaction, thought, word, deed and opinion before a holy and just God. We will individually give account for our individual lives. None of us can pass this "test" and by our own merits would be fully guilty before God and sentenced to eternal punishment in Hell. Hell because it's the only place where God isn't, and sin separates us from God. There's a payment for sin, that's death. One sin many years ago, or consistent sin right now, the payment is the same.

Because God so loved the World, and did not us to perish in Hell. He paid the sin debt that we owe. Christ lived a sinless life, neither inherited nor self sin was in His life. He freely gave His life, in place of ours. So that the debt would be paid for us, if we simply believe in Him. If we put our faith in Him, honestly, the debt is paid.
He is just in that the payment was made in full. He is loving in that He paid what we could never afford to pay. He is faithful in that He accepts that payment, as in full eternally.

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