Saturday, July 29, 2006

Harvest House

This week we were out witnessing earlier in the evening, starting at 6pm. Harvest House rolled into town in a van and did an open air show. It was cool to see a bunch of teens sharing their faith & life stories. Not only that, but they sang (very well) and did dramas. There were many people watching and listening.

As I was watching this small troop of young men and women I couldn't help but think "If our church had this many people who were willing to share their faith publicly we could really make an impact on this city."

It was a bit strange to be working along side another ministry, in that we didn't really know how we could work without taking away from what Harvest House was doing. Thankfully, it didn't take long for us to pick up the groove and start talking with people. Carl, a passionate man from my church came out with us last night. In fact, he was willing to go back down town with me after most everyone else had gone home. The Lord led us to talk with many people last night, including a man who was very broken. Had we not gone back out we wouldn't have had the chance to speak with him. God uses a willing vessel. I encourage you to be willing to do His work.

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