Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick thought about Baptism

Col 2:12 makes the point that we share in the resurrection of Christ if we are in Him. Yesterday as I read, I realized it also makes a thought about Baptism. If you read more of the section of scripture, lets say Col 2:6-23 you see there is a point about maturity and freedom in our walk in Christ.

Col 2:12 says we are "Buried with Him in baptism..." Paul often talks about maturity as dying to yourself, dying to your old nature, your fleshy wants.

The point of all this is, lately I've been wondering when a person should be baptized. I believe it should be shortly after salvation. But when exactly and how do you make the decision? When I read Col 2:12 I seemed to get the answer. When you are ready to die to your old way of living you declare it by being "buried with Christ" which is what baptism is an image of. The going down into the water is being buried, the coming out is being resurrected.

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