Monday, July 24, 2006

Sanctification: What Is It?

I've always thought booklets were made on topics that were not important enough to write whole books on. I have always been wrong about this.

If you are a follower of Christ, honestly saved, then you need to understand the freedom you have in Him.

C.H. Mackintosh on Sanctification.


Angie said...

hi kevl

thanks for the great link. i've been to a traditional church that still preaches on sanctification being on onward work as mentioned in paragraph 2.

i must say christians need to be relieved from this bondage of works and experience the liberty in Christ.

i hope you won't mind me posting them on my site too. :)

tks and blessings,

Kevl said...

Hey Angie, I've checked your profile before and never saw a site listed. What's the URL? I'd like to check it out.


Angie said...


Kevl said...

Thanks! I'm checking it out.

You should update your Blogger profile so it lists your blog.

Angie said...

okie. when i find out how to do that.. i'm quite new to this.

and i dun write very well too so pardon our singlish. :)