Thursday, July 13, 2006


Convinced of the factual basis for Evolution? Check out some of the many "loopholes" in this theory.

Still convinced? You're not alone. However, even though no one can figure out how it could possibly happen many otherwise sane human beings do still believe in Evolution. With that in mind, if you're willing to tell them something that sounds "plausible" and confirms their preconceived ideas they'll pay a million bucks! Go check out how much it pays to tell the "smart guys" they're right!

OH WAIT!!! Do you want to cash in and get paid TWICE?

There's been a long standing reward offered to "Anyone who can give any empirical evidence (scientific proof) for evolution." totaling $250,000. Offered by Dr. Kent Hovind. In 1990 the reward was for $10,000 but it's been increased to 250K just to get more people interested in the subject. :) Even better Kent doesn't care who's preconceived ideas you confirm or disprove. Just give him "any" empirical evidence for evolution and you're 250K richer!

Seeing as all these scientists are always lobbying the government for more money, and how they are all absolutely correct about Evolution you'd think this reward would have gone long ago wouldn't you? Or is it that there isn't any empirical evidence for this theory after all?

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