Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Christian in Canada Presents: E101 Episode 1: Introduction

Here is the first episode of my new video series on Evangelism. I'm still working on the quality of the video, and there is a compatibility issue with the mic I'm using. So there is a bit of hiss, and my skin tones are way over the top. None the less I must move forward! So here ya go!

John 16:5-11

Make sure you watch it in HD


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Christian in Canada Presents

So while the sun has been shining I've been working away at a project that has been tugging at my heart for over a year. A series of videos made freely available to the Church, and the Lost, about Evangelism, the Bible and Salvation. I have been passionately learning as much as I can about videography, Final Cut Pro X and a few other things in order to be able to produce the series. Here's the title sequence for the upcoming video series.

Make sure to watch it in HD.