Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Cross Current Goes LIVE On The Web

The Cross Current (TCC) officially opened it's web-doors today. The Radio Show and Podcast are in pre-production and early production stages. You may have a volunteer ask you some questions in the coming weeks. I'll be out on the streets here in Halifax with a small group looking for what people want to know. And the streets of London Ont will have an other small team on the look-out for great questions too.

Maybe you can start thinking about it right now! If you do come up with a "doozie" don't wait for us to find you.

What is holding you back from taking a serious look at the Bible and the claims it makes about God, eternal life, punishment, and Jesus Christ? If you've got a question or concern please visit TCC and send it in. Do you think Christians are crazy, judgmental, stupid, childish, fools, deceived, mislead, just plain wrong? Do you think Science discredits the Word or that since there are some many "religions" in the world that it's prideful to claim Christianity is the right one? Do you have no idea at all what it means to be "spiritual"? Do you believe you were a Christian once but "it" let you down? Do you think "the church" just wants your money and to control you? Is there something I've completely missed in this paragraph?


It's like this. Christians have been so busy trying to woo people into the "hallowed halls" that we've forgotten about TRUTH. If we don't hold on to TRUTH, how can we expect anyone to take us seriously? So, please send your concerns, and questions. Every question gets answered. And we're not interested in "selling you", we don't want your money and the churches we attend (which are of different denominations) are doing just fine. We're not looking for "new members". You want the truth of it, logically sound, scientifically sound, morally sound, and Biblically sound? ASK! :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

101 Last Days Prophecies

Wondering if the Bible is flakey and non-specific. Tired of seeing the so called "bible prophecies" on the coveres of rags in the grocerie line-up?

Well what if you could read 101 of the prophecies related to the end of days, with links to what the Bible ACTUALLY says, and links to the news items which relate to them? What if you could judge for yourself?

Why not take a look? 101 Last Days Prophecies.


This week's fishing went more "normally" :) Last week I was confronted with things I had never thought of before. Thankfully by God's grace people heard the Gospel even though they were at first very resistant. This week, I had a few opportunities to share what salvation really is with a few people who were not so resistant. In fact, after praying for God to bring us someone a man in his mid to late 20's came up on the sidewalk and just stood there about 10 feet away from me. He stood there for a few moments, seemingly for no purpose. So I walked up to him and gave him a tract. God showed Himself to be fully in control and shortly the man heard the Gospel for the first time - though he had been a Catholic his whole life.

Isn't God neat? :)


Thursday, October 26, 2006

RATE Raises The Bar For Research

Check out what AiG has to say.
One essential component of evolution is an extremely long timescale for earth history. Multibillions of years likewise are required by the big bang theory. However, this assumption of unlimited time is strongly challenged by recent creation research. From 1997 to 2005 a team of creation scientists explored the centerpiece of geologic time—radioisotope dating. This technique, developed over the last century, is used to date thousands of rocks, fossils and artifacts. The creation research project was given the acronym RATE, which stands for Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth. Rock and mineral samples were collected from around the world and then dated by top laboratories. The RATE results conflict with geologic time and instead support a recent creation.

Ray Comfort on the Joyce Meyer Show

Ray's got a great message on the Joyce Meyer Show.

Watch today's show here and tomorrow's show here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Cross Current Radio Show & Podcast

Got Questions? Get answers. That's the motto of The Cross Current. This week, my good friend Cory has launched their new Blog.

The Cross Current is an answers driven organization. It collects real questions from real people and answers them. Do you have a question about the Bible? It's accuracy, how it relates to science, how many cows might have been on the Ark.. If you've got a Spiritual question. Send it their way.

Monday, October 23, 2006

When Prayer Is Hard

It's hard to pray for someone you are fearful of.

Be the fear for good reason or from false information or from your own vanity, it's hard to pray for someone whom you are afraid of.

Interestingly, we ought pray for everyone. Even more interestingly, God says He has not given us a spirit of fear, and that we need be fearful of nothing.

Well, tonight I find myself fearful of a group of people who are in turn fearful of me. None of us want to quickly go to prayer for the other in this situation.

As cryptic as the above sounds, I'm guessing tonight that any and all who read this can identify with the statements and apply them to situations in their own lives.

Let us remember, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are all of one Body. When one part doesn't function properly the whole doesn't function properly. I hope, that shortly I'll be able to put my pride and hurt feelings aside and pray for these people. Maybe those reading can ask God to soften this broken heart for that purpose.

Sometimes What Looks Good...

is really... Evil.

This is just a silly little picture but you know what? I speak with so many people who think that being a "good person" is what God expects and wants. Of course what they (and often I) don't realize is that our definition of "good" is often God's definition of Evil.

Have you taken the test yet?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Every now and then I met someone who's experience leaves me in complete awe. Cory, and I met a man named Jason tonight/this-morning who's life story is so tragic and heart wrenching that it's amazing the man has any compassion left.

Demons are real.

Evil is real.

God will give pure and absolute justice.

I thank God that I've been spared what Jason has endured. Would you please pray for him and his family as you read this?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've been on "vacation" this week. Cory of Royal View Church is in town. So we've been out on the streets together and talking about doctrine and in general having a great time.

Today was the day we went to see his dad. Many months ago I had brought him a Bible and he said he'd read it. I believe he has read some of it, but it's not been a daily thing for him by a long shot. We had it all planned out, we'd go together and when the time was right Cory would get scares and I'd witness to him. Glory to God, Larry got to hear the full Gospel and understand it. Now it's in God's hands.

If you know Christ, I'd ask you to offer prayers up for Larry tonight. He's facing some serious health issues.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Playing Bass

I had the opportunity to play Bass at Church this weekend. We recently added a third service on Saturday evening so it was like I got to play all weekend long! It went very well. I'd like to say I played great, but you know I'm just not that good! :0 Thankfully, people enjoyed it and I believe we ministered as a team the way we are called to.

Glory to God we do all things in His power. The craziness of sound issues, and last minute changes were not enough to put us down. They instead only magnified His presence as they were over-come and people were led into worshipping our Risen Lord.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First Aid

I had the God given opportunity to offer First-Aid to a family involved in a dramatic car accident this morning.

The morning was strange right from the start, as I was going into work 30mins later than I normally do. Somehow with an extra half-hour I JUST got out the door in time to get to work, on time. Of course I didn't end up getting there on time afterall - but that's just fine with me.

A few moments down the road I saw a mini-van and a small car smashed up. I later learned the car had spun the mini-van around 180 degrees and across the road! Though there were many cell-phones being used at the scene and a number of people. The two injured persons were not receiving First-Aid, nor had 911 been called. So I called, gave the info and proceeded to see how everyone was doing.

As directed by Medical on the phone I stabilized a young girl's head and neck and awaited the ambulance. The poor girl had to watch, unable to look away as I was holding her head straight, as they pulled her mother slowly and methodically out of the van. Thankfully no one received very serious injury - although I'm pretty sure the woman will be in physio for sometime getting her back worked out.

This was a completely normal morning for everyone involved, well except for me, but something dramatic and life changing happened in the blink of an eye.

Please, please. PLEASE. If you are are the slightest bit unsure of your standing with God, please take the test found at www.needgod.com. There is nothing more important, and you may not have tomorrow to get it worked out. Let's settle this right now ok? www.needgod.com

Friday, October 06, 2006

How Fast?

AiG has an interesting article up about the length of time and conditions required to make something fossilize.

Check it out!

What If I Sin After I'm Saved?

Christian Chronicles is a strong, well written and edifying publication published monthly on their website.

One of the articles in this month's publication stands out as a single work which I believe Christians everywhere should read. It's on the security of the believer and is entitled "What If I Sin After I'm Saved?"

Here's the intro;

In so many denominations, it is taught that a person is saved by grace through faith, but that he can lose that salvation if he continues to sin. The argument, most notably in Lordship Salvation, as espoused by John MacArthur, is essentially that, if one continues to sin after he is saved, he never was truly saved to begin with. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The preacher or teacher who tells you that he no longer sins tells a very dangerous lie. The teacher or preacher who says that you can be lost again once you have been saved is driven by the very devil himself to steal your hope and make you resentful toward the God whom you have believed, so that you will become unfruitful. That, or he wishes to develop in you a self righteousness that will cause you to become a harsh judge of others, holding everyone else up to the false image that you have of yourself, as he himself does, so that you measure everyone’s salvation by his deeds and not by his beliefs. The fact is, while you will grow to abhor the sin that is in you, that sin will remain in you until death or the rapture, whichever comes first. You cannot root it out any more than Paul himself could (Rom 7:15-25). To suppose that you either can or must is to give the lie to the God who saved you. Even with the indwelling Holy Spirit, the human will frequently brings the believer to the brink, and over the edge of the precipice of righteousness into many and diverse sins. If it was true of Paul, you can bet that it is true of you as well.