Monday, July 17, 2006

Christian Chronicles

Christian Chronicles the theological journal, has been posted for July. This month they are touching on the Book of Romans.

Of all the books of the Bible, none rises to the heights of Paul’s letter to the
church at Rome. The first eight chapters present a theological foundation
for all that is indeed the Word of God, explaining how a just God can remain
just, while forgiving sin, even as He also executes Divine judgment upon every
sin, from the slightest to the most egregious. No expositor can do this
epistle justice in either a small publication such as ours or in a multi-volume
commentary. The first eight chapters of Romans constitute an indictment,
evidence, conviction, the death penalty, and its execution; yet, culminating in
eternal life. No human author either could have or would have conjured up
such a faith as ours. And if he had, he could never have explained so very
much in so little space as Paul did in everything he wrote, but especially in
his letter to the faithful saints at Rome.

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