Friday, September 26, 2008

A Big Week For Me & TCC

Well it's been busy! Crazy busy! This week we produced part 2 of our series on Aliens entitled TCC Phone Home! This episode is called Life, The Universe, Anything? This series marks the first time we've started the shows with dramatic intros. So far it's been pretty fun, and since we're interviewing top 50 best selling author Gary Bates about the expertise he has demonstrated in writing Alien Intrusion it's been very informative too. Did you know that there are 150 UFO sightings around the planet EVERY DAY? Well about 90% of them are explainable by man made and natrual events but that last 10% is the tricky part. We're working our way through the topic towards that last 10%. So far we have talked about the science of science fiction, and the likelyhood of extra-terrestial intelligent life from both a scientific and Biblical points of view. Next week we'll be talking about space travel. And then in part 4 we're going to be talking about that scarey last 10 %.

As if that wasn't enough I've also just submitted the first official draft of TCC's teaching on False Teachers to our staff for review. I can't wait to publish this document.

And that's not all! This week the TCC Board of Directors met and have reorganized the ministry so that our Founder is now the President, and I have been promoted to the Vice Presidency (please no Sarah Palin jokes... yes they have already started... lol) but importantly both of us have no vote with the Board of Directors. As we continue to build this ministry up in it's proper position in the Church we are thankful that TCC is not about a couple of guys running the show. We have a group of godly men who love the Gospel, are desperate to see the lost saved, eager to help dress the Bride of Christ in the purest of white, and ultimately completely sold out on the fact that we exist solely to exalt the Glory of the Lord God Almighty. So both Cory and I have been promoted in the ministry but we have also become less in "control." God is doing good things in our ministry and to Him be all praise and all glory!

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