Monday, September 01, 2008

Position Vs Condition

Earlier today I asked JP to do a more in depth instruction based on a comment he made. He wasted no time in getting to it and has quoted Scofield's teaching on the subject.

I would like to direct the reader to JP's post (LINK REMOVED), and also to CH Mackintosh's Sanctification: What Is It?

Understanding the difference between position and condition is vital for assurance, and assurance is vital for true victory over any worldly condition. Putting the cart before the horse will not make the off-loading go any quicker because the horse will never leave the starting point.... get my meaning?


Jonathan Perreault said...


I hope my intro wasn't too confusing. But if nothing else I think Scofield's article will be very helpful!

Bless you,

Kevl said...

I think ya did great bro!