Thursday, August 12, 2010

Resigned from The Cross Current today

I just received a phone call from a beloved Brother in the Lord who sits on the Board of The Cross Current (TCC) which until this evening I was the Vice President. He asked me to take down the letter of resignation which I had drafted to the Board of Directors of TCC. He believed the letter was a private internal communication. I don't know.... I don't think it was. I did not intend it to be so. Anyway... I took it down.

I have a responsibility of honesty and openness, I believe anyway, to the people who read this blog and to all the people who I have any contact with at all.
UPDATE: The organization has removed the link to their previous Statement of Faith which had been called TCC CORE.
I resigned my position with TCC because the organization has departed from it's Statement of Faith which you can find linked at the bottom of the page. They have begun to embrace the theology commonly known as Lordship Salvation and so have redefined their definition of Repentance among some other things.

I do not believe they INTEND to preach a false Gospel. These beloved friends of mine, I truly believe, have been seduced by false doctrine which on the surface seems to exalt the glory of God but really diminishes the sacrifice of Christ.

I ask you to pray for this team of people. I love them. I'm terrified for them.

I share responsibility for allowing this to happen to a God fearing group of people who were sold out for Truth, and preaching a clear and uncompromising Gospel.


Kevl said...

I've gotten several emails in support of this decision already.

One said "That was a graceful and pointed resignation as one could expect to receive. TCC has strayed from its statement as you demonstrated. LS is a false gospel and its spread insidious.

I'll pray for you,"

and another that came at a moment of extreme weakness read,

"I hate to say it, but this gladdens my heart (does that make sense?) I was deeply disturbed and grieved by what I saw on those TCC videos at your blog. I think you have done the right thing. I'm sure it was hard to do, but I take it that the situation had become intolerable. Thanks for sharing the letter. I am sure God has something else for you that you are now free to pursue. One thing from a Bible study I was in a few years ago that has stuck with me: God always blesses obedience, especially when it is difficult."


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

I just read your post and am sad that you felt you had to resign. I didn't watch the TCC videos but I am sure you had good reason for your resignation. Sometimes the right decision is the most difficult but God does expect us to act with integrity. I am sure that God will provide even greater opportunities for you.

I will keep you in my prayers.


Kevl said...

Hi Glenn, thank you for your prayers. I would ask you to pray for the TCC team as well.

Today has been a rough day, but I've gleaned joy and confidence from many Brethren and my Pastor as well.


Lou Martuneac said...


I read your resignation letter. It was gracious and your convictions were behind it. TCC is a public ministry and I feel there was no harm in a public resignation. If they have adopted the Lordship Salvation interpretation of the gospel then they should have no fear or aversion to that being disclosed, IMHO.


Kevl said...

Hi Lou,

I explained this same point to the pastor who oversees the entire team at TCC. I have not heard back from him, perhaps I will not, I didn't ask him to reply.

I took painstaking care in the letter to be graceful, but honest. It's hard to believe they could be offended by it being posted. I've been asked by two people to only discuss the resignation in vague terms. Both people suggested stating the reason as "theological differences."

I can understand not wanting to confuse people, and not taking the risk of listeners to the radio show going elsewhere. However, TCC was built on the premise that it would stick to the truth and take the punches for Pastors and churches.

Sometimes it is necessary to change direction... not everything we believe is true so if we find that we have been wrong we must correct. However, this correction should be celebrated, not hidden.

I used to be a faithful listener of John MacArthur's radio program.. I was shocked the first time I ever saw him criticized online. I thought the person must be mistaken... however, as I learned I realized that I had to stop listening to his radio show. I hadn't realized what he was preaching.. but when it was explained I suddenly realized why some things hadn't quite made sense.

How could salvation be by grace, but cost everything or anything for that matter?

I'm rambling...


Lou Martuneac said...


My experience with many who are advocates of LS is that they want to be stealthy about it. It appears that the TCC people have changed, but do not want to be transparent about it. This is disturbing that they have adopted LS and do not want this disclosed. This is not uncommon in evangelical circles. I know of at least two seminary presidents who will not give a straight answer to legitimate questions about their position on LS when in one case it is widely known he is LS.

Your blog, your resignation, but I would have not pulled the resignation. TCC listeners deserve to know what the doctrine of the leadership is. Especially if there are funds being sent to support said ministry. I would be offended and aghast if I were sending financial support to a ministry and found out through other channels that I had been supporting a ministry that believes LS is the gospel.


Kevl said...

Hey Lou,

I'm sure that they have good intentions. They are not in an easy position, and it is very new territory for the ministry.

I do think it is only right to be open about the change of direction as well. Hopefully they will do so. I actually hope they are open to their own members about the whole situation.

It's hard to be looking at my dear Brothers in this light. They are lovers of Christ for sure... they've just got a mess on their hands. Thankfully the Lord is great in messy situations. :)