Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Good Life

I wonder how many times people have told me they think Christianity is a crutch for weak people. I guess the really funny thing is that there is some truth in the statement, even though not at all in the way it is meant when it's said that way. Everyone is too weak to save themselves, and becoming a Christian through faith in Christ is any person's only hope.

But you know the more I live the tougher this walk gets. Got a..... ok I'm just gonna say it.. stupid situation going on at my work. I got angry... though I remained reasonable.. I still got angry. Now it's a matter of interpretation by people who were not present if I actually was reasonable or not. I've examined this from every direction I can think of. I have not been told I did anything wrong but my employer is "looking into it" to see if I have.

It may not seem like a big deal to most people.. angry.. who cares right? Well anger is a big deal in the sight of the Lord. And it doesn't make you look very good.. even if you're right.

Anyway... I'm sick to my stomach over this... the idea of having to defend myself due to something so trivial is frustrating.. but the damage to my witness and the interruption in my work production is really making me sick. Not to mention the frustration I have over the way this was brought up to my employer and the way it's being handled. Long story short... the story of what supposedly happened has significantly changed several times and yet I'm still expected to submit to the "process."


Sanctification said...


Let me pray with you for peace both within and without. I know well that feeling of sick stomach after anger.


Jonathan Perreault said...


I had a long comment but it didn't sound right. You are in my prayers. God is in the business of changing lives by His grace. He will never give up on you. His love never changes.