Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lots of study for this week's The Debater's Potter

As I turned on my Kindle to start reading Chapter 12 of The Potter's Freedom I thought that I must be on the downward side of the hill with only 3 chapters left to discuss. Surely the book had run out of steam! Well, I was wrong.

For the first time in this series I had to get out some reference material. I briefly opened Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology to see if he agreed with White about the definition of Irresistible Grace, he largely did. I would have wasted effort trying to get milage out of them disagreeing with each other if he didn't. There is some nuanced differences but they hardly matter. Obviously these two Reformed teachers agree on the subject.

What I did need to study however is the Greek Participle. One doesn't know what they don't know, and worse one doesn't know what one has forgotten. I needed to be sure my understanding was correct before I tried to reply to Dr. White on 1Jn 5:1. So I opened Daniel B. Wallace's Greek Grammar: Beyond the Basics and got to it. It wasn't easy to get my head around it but it was fun to be looking at something completely different for a day.

As of right now I'm halfway through responding to Chapter 12. I'm considering splitting the chapter into two articles but I would rather not. With the end of the book in sight I just want to get it done.

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