Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Flip Flopping, let's get real!

Right now I'm watching the Election results come in. They aren't looking strong for Romney. I'm noting the change in the tweets on Twitter from Christians, and the change in posts on Facebook. Maybe you have noticed the same things.

When the other potential nomines fell by the wayside Evangelicals started to get behind Romney who they had previously said they would not support became the only option for America that they could support.

Worse, now that it is looking that Romney won't win the Election the posts and tweets are starting for Christians to pray, and to be satisfied with God's will. Where was this yesterday?

Why is it that "Christians" - and the quotes are VERY intentional - are so quick to fight a fleshy war of influence based on argumentation, social values, and influence instead of heading to their closet to pray right from the start?

Why is it that, consistently, it is only when the war based on the strength of the flesh is seemingly lost that "Christians" start to remind each other to rest in the sovereign will of God?

I think it's a cop out to be honest. I think this is nothing more than religion cloaked in false humility and faith in the wake of all else.

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Glenn said...

Hi Kevin,

Some time ago I decided that I could not support either candidate for President. I caste votes for other offices but not for President. many Christian sites said that this was wrong and that I was wrong to do this. However I do believe that as a Christian I cannot vote based on the "lesser of two evils" principle.

God protects the remnant so I am going to constantly remind myself that my future, and my family's, are in God's hands. Your prayers are truly appreciated.