Monday, November 26, 2012

John Piper, Desiring God and Advent?

Can you find an Advent service in the Bible?
A couple of years ago a church I was attending brought out candles, had a little service during the morning assembly and handed out books on Advent. I challenged the Pastor and got pushback from a man serving as Elder. I asked where in the Bible one could find information about "Advent." Of course it is not in the Bible. It is a religious practice of Roman Catholicism. The Pastor allowed it to go on because so many of the people in the church enjoyed it.

Religion is death to faith.  I wonder why John Piper's followers don't question him for promoting it.
I’m excited to tell you about a new free eBook for Advent from Desiring God. It’s called Good News of Great Joy, organized specifically for this Advent, 2012. 
Advent is just around the corner. It starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas — this year, that’s December 2 — and is a season of preparation for Christmas Day. 
The team here at Desiring God did a deep dive into our thirty-plus-year reservoir of sermons and articles, and selected brief devotional readings for each day of Advent. Our hope is that God would use these readings to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus this Advent.
I'm not looking for controversy, I didn't go seeking this out. Someone posted on Facebook as though it was a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Because the "reformed" position that Piper adheres to, is "reformed catholicism", aka catholic-lite. That's also why the lordship salvation lie that dominates catholicism, also dominates the "reformed" position.

Kevl said...

Agreed. Well explained.