Wednesday, November 07, 2012

4 years ago. and again tonight.

Four years ago I made a post congratulating Barak Obama for his historic winning of the presidency of the United States of America.

Right now FoxNews, CNN and some other sources are calling the election for him again. I'm watching Sun News and they are not comfortable calling the race just yet.

In the end it doesn't matter. Whether Obama or Romney it seems clear that God has raised up these leaders and given the USA a choice of which man will be used by God to judge them. I'm sad, very very sad for America tonight.

Four years ago I asked people to pray for Obama. I repeat that appeal. But unlike four years ago it seems to me that the "great American experiment" has finally found it's breaking point. That the USA would re-elect a President who has failed by every objective standard I can think of tells me that the people of that nation no longer care. When I was in High School (I was living in the USA at the time) the National Debt reached 3 Trillion Dollars. They shut down school and spent the day talking about how this would impact our lives, our futures, the nation's very sovereignty. Today the debt is 16 Trillion Dollars and growing at an insane rate. Who cares? Apparently not the USA. Did they shut down schools to inform their students about what this means? No of course not. What is left of the experiment of personal liberty, personal responsibility, minimal government fully accountable to the people and peaceful international relations? I think the experiment is over. It worked great while the conditions of the experiment were maintained. It seems the experiment is over. Perhaps someone should  have turned the light out to let the rest of us know.

Tonight I am concerned about Canada. It seems that within the next two years our greatest ally, and really the nation we depend on to defend us and our great natural resources, will crumble into itself in debt.

Canada, a nation rich in natural resources and lacking in self reliance, will soon have to stand up to defend itself. Will our economy survive? Will we be able to defend our borders? Given the lack of US strength on our side can we even begin to stand up to Russia in the North?

As I'm typing this Sun News just called the election for Obama with less of the popular vote than Romney has taken. I wonder if the Democrats will still be asking for the Electoral Collage to be changed... I'm sad and lashing out a bit.

Christians in North America, welcome to our new reality. In the coming years your faith is going to be tested like it hasn't been before. Will you still praise God?

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Anonymous said...

We know there is a world government coming, so the disintegration of the USA was bound to happen. At least it is happening "gently" by progressive economic slavery. The fact that things lasted this long, is unprecedented in world (and church) history.

Our mission remains the same. John 3:16. :)