Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Preaching The Gospel In Toronto

I went to Toronto this weekend past for the purpose of carrying out some local missions. We spent most of Saturday at the corner of Dundas and Yonge St. At the right here is a picture of me witnessing to a group of Muslims who had set up a table. These men were well prepared to argue and had some "canned" answers and positions that I had not heard from Muslims in the past.

Basically they were attacking the integrity of the Bible saying that it had been changed. They agree that the people in the Bible lived and that many of them were "Prophets" and "Prophet Messengers" from God but that the Bible had been changed.

This is how they get around why they can call Jesus a Prophet who claimed to be God. They simply say that the Bible quotes Him incorrectly. They also had some examples of what they say are errors in the Bible. I have not had time to look at the one they suggested I look at yet but I will in the next few days. It will be interesting to see how they devised it.

I spent about an hour with these men and it stayed friendly. The leader of the group declined to be interviewed on the radio. It seemed as though he thought I was going to set him up in the conversation. I had to keep assuring him that I just wanted to properly understand Islam and since he was the expert at a presentation that had signs claiming to be able to help people understand Islam that he seemed like the right guy for me to talk to.

I also spent a great deal of time talking with a few Agnostics. No one really went to so far as to say they were Atheists but there were many people who were hostile to even the idea of the God of the Bible.

Here are a couple of pictures of me witnessing to a man who apologized for his extreme sarcasm. He was a very New Age thinker. Sitting with me are two young Christians from Teen Challenge. We sat down so that we wouldn't be standing over him and looking down at him. All in all we had a wonderful time in Toronto and many people were given the chance to hear the Gospel.

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