Friday, June 13, 2008

Fire in Nova Scotia

Update 3: Our church was able to take in some people who needed a place to sleep and be cared for. I tried to capture the red glow on the horizon coming from Lawrencetown Beach. We were told the fire is currently 9KM wide. My camera just died.. and it's a Sony so I need it to be powered up to transfer the pictures. I'll charge the battery and then upload a couple pics.

Update 2: Here's some more. People are being welcomed at our church - City Heights Church.

*UPDATE* Here are some pictures taken just moments ago. About 45 mins after the last set.

Well the news is reporting that the highway to Lake Echo, NS has been closed off. Here are a couple of pictures I've taken over the last hour or so. We're starting to see an orange color to spots in the smoke. I'm not sure if that's from the sun, or from fires. I would be shocked if the fire moved that fast, but it IS remarkably windy today.

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