Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Evolution of Soteriological Reductionism

Dr. Lance Ketchum has posted a history of attacks on the Gospel. He starts with the same quote from Galatians 6 that I quoted just the other day in sadness. I have not read the entire article yet but I suggest you give it a read. Here's a quote;

Every new generation of mankind seems to invent its own perversions of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of those perversions, like much of what the Biblical Epistles deal with, added requirements for salvation to the finished work of the incarnate Son of God in His sinless life and penal substationary death to propitiate God’s wrath and justify believing sinners. Enormous amounts of detail in numerous texts is given to correcting these perversions of the gospel. We must conclude that correcting these perversions are extremely important to maintaining the objective facts of the gospel in order to maintain the purity of objective faith. In other words, there were absolutely certain beliefs that would “pervert the gospel” and lead people into a false faith and a false hope. If someone was misled to believe in any perversion of the gospel, that perverted gospel was leavened generating a leavened faith.

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Robb said...

Huh. If I recall, it was Dr. Ketchum who clearly explained the doctrine of election to me.

I wonder if it's the same guy. Is he from SI?