Thursday, April 17, 2008

First episode of TCC Radio produced in SONAR

Well here's a picture of this week's episode of TCC Radio complete inside of SONAR 7 Producer Edition.

I've still got a fair amount to learn in order to get the sound quality up, but there is an improvement from working in Audacity already. This is due to the fact that SONAR 7 Producer Edition comes bundled with some pretty high end audio plugins.

One of the main advantages will be realized in the weeks and months to come is that I now have a template built for the show. This template includes all the effects and processing. So now I need only drop in the clips and adjust for time. No more producing each clip individually... one effect and/or plugin at a time.

You'll see that this episode has 15 tracks in this window. There are two interview sections which each had 5 or 6 tracks as well.

The show air's tomorrow night and will be available for download AFTER we broadcast on GraceFM at 7pm EST.

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Kevl said...

Unfortunately I made some mistakes with the production of the show... as it turns out the version that is going to air in about 40mins on Grace FM is going to have a few moments of silence... and Cory's voice won't sound consistent from section to section.

This has been fixed for the website version of the show.

Additionally Cory will be recording his commentary at a higher quality setting after this week.