Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm looking forward to this movie, for some of the same reasons stated over at NeoFundamentalist.

Here's a response about the movie. I like some of the early comments "It's pure creationist propaganda. It's got all the familiar trademarks, ah... total lack of the understanding of science and the scientific enterprise...deliberately misleading claims and distortions of facts..and.. and dishonest tactics through and through." This statement ends at 42 seconds into the video clip.

At 44 seconds in the person admits "Now, I haven't seen the movie yet because it's not out." This is just plain funny. Of course presupposition blinds us all if we let it. This person has decided what this movie is and what's in it before he's even seen it. That's kinda like the sort of "science" that leads to "proof" of Evolution.

As for if Creation Scientists understand science and the "scientific enterprise" I suggest contacting the schools and organizations that have credentialed these scientists to speak with them about it.

I have only commented on the portion of the video I have actually watched. I found it so amusing I couldn't wait... sorry. :) I'm looking forward to other's comments on these two vids. I'll post more in the comments myself if I find the rest of this video as amusing as the 1st minute is.


Kevl said...

This is the Wikipedia page the video talks about.

Kevl said...

hehehe! At just before 5mins he starts with a great old funny argument. The "god of the gaps" idea.

Kevl said...

At about 6:50 he asks a question about how you would deal with a person doing research for you who returned the answer "God did it." to a question you asked them. He wants to know if you would keep paying them.

Please visit any of the science websites I link to and search for "God did it."

At 7:40 he states "Stein also talks about the difficulty of getting hired as a scientist when you are openly theistic. "And maybe this is a type of discrimination but you can chalk this up to playing the odds."

Can you tell where this is going? He goes on..

"As it turns out atheists are generally better educated and more intelligent than theists by whatever standards you choose to use"

Wow that sure sounds like a scientific statement. ;)

He goes on "be it IQ, SATs, or academic performance."

Hrmm... I wonder if he got his info from the guy who said that white people are more intelligent than black people, and that men are also more intelligent than women?

-sarcasm on
He sure seems like a reliable source!
-sarcasm off

What's a tad funny is that his final authority of proof this intelligence difference is that secular science institutions are filled with secular scientists.

Go figure.. does it take a genius to understand that if theists are not allowed in atheistic societies that there's not going to be very many of them there? That might have been a low blow.. but come on. I might be a dumb creationist but I'm not doopit! :)

Oh cool at 8:25 or so he states "With all that being said I do believe that people should be evaluated on their merit or potential merit..."

I must protest! If he believes this, then why has he not done so in this little video? Was it too much effort to expend for a YouTube vlog?

Oh at 8:28 he states that "intelligent design proponents have demonstrated that they don't have any."

Oh.. my.. that's called prejudice in other circles of discussion.

And I'm pretty sure that it's illegal when it comes to hiring practices. (and this is the topic of the discussion in the vlog).

He carries on with comments about science and technology. As though Creationists are against "science."

At 9:50-something he states that the "dark ages really sucked" and "I really don't want to go back there."

I'm pretty sure he wasn't alive during the Dark Ages... and so I strongly suspect that he did not experience them.

Oh well... if he did experience them and we can't find a better explanation we can always claim that "god did it"... hehe I'm kidding.