Saturday, April 19, 2008

Calvinism and Anti-Calvinism

Here are some thoughts I had about recent discussions at a forum I frequent. I am not what one would consider a Calvinist. Though I have some "Calvinistic beliefs."

All this Calvinism and Anti-Calvinism is really starting to bug me. Am I alone in this? Am I the only one who's really starting to get irritated by it?

There is no such thing as a Calvinist. It's a label that some men put on some men. It does not make them so..

There is the old creation, and the new creation. That is it. Either unsaved or saved. There is fellowship among the saved, there is no fellowship with or among the unsaved.

If a person is a Christian they ought to preach Christ, and live the Scriptures. I used to understand, or thought I understood anyway, the need for labels. Now they get under my skin. Need I identify my theological system? Need I even HAVE a theological system? Even the systems I have identified with seem to be distant from me now.

If we are Christians, ought we not enjoy fellowship in what actually gives us fellowship? Ought we not sit at the Savior's feet, worship and read the Scriptures together? Ought we not wrestle with Scripture and not "theology"?

Ought we not identify ourselves first, and ONLY as Christians? What other banner have we? Has Paul died for us? Has Appollos? Has Kevin? Has Calvin? What has any man ever done that he should have any name over ours?

Is not the Name of Christ above all names?

I'm tired of it friends and brothers. Are you my brother in the Lord? I love you. Are you something else? Then do I know you? Be nothing else. Let us be willing to discuss every point as to the Lord. Unafraid to take the time to read line by line.

I'm a Calvinist... No you're not your a super-duper-Calvinist... who cares? Seriously BRETHREN, who cares? Will there be even a mention of that term at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Shame on me for identifying my Lord's Beloved as a title given by man. Brethren, I pray I will identify you as I so desperately need to be identified by God when He sees me - as Christ alone and nothing else. My Brethren I see you and I see our Elder Brother, as does the Father when He sees you.


Andy said...

Kev hey its Andy from SOBE. :) GREAT blog with this topic. This is something I have been wrestling with myself as of late. Labels seem to get in the way of so many things such as you said our fellowship as brothers and sisters in Christ. Also with both sides there seems to be an air of arrogence that arises from some (not all) that they are right if you are a such and such. I just erks me to see such disention among the ranks of Christ's Bride and are we not the army of Christ as well. Putting on the full armor of God so we may snatch souls from the glutches of Satan and Hell, yet we become less effective the more we argue amongst ourselves, instead of putting our pride aside and standing firm together to storm the gates of Hell not with a "water" gun but with the very Word of God which is sharper than any two edged sword. (Okay I better stop before I get to preaching again. :) As I said GREAT POST!!!

Kevl said...

There is a dear brother in the Lord at our assembly who wrote a song that is all about how wonderful it is to dwell with our brothers in unity.

It truly is isn't it? When we have unity it's calm, peaceful, and powerful.

Thanks for dropping in!

Andy said...

Yes it is and if you read the last part of Jesus' prayer in John 17, unity the over arching "theme" among some others that Jesus prays will be our driving force.

Glenn W said...

Hi Kevin,

I saw your post a couple of days ago and have been meaning to reply. I completely agree with you.

We all have a responsibility before God to seek the truth which He has promised to provide for us. Beyond that I cannot find justification for some of the just plain meaness that I have witnessed.

Keep on keeping on!

Glenn W.

Bob Jones said...

Thanks for your courtesy at SI.

Bob Jones

Kevl said...

Yo Glenn,

Recently I've found myself tired of the arguments too. Even when they are justified. Actually, now that I think about it, some of these 'justified' arguments have exhausted me so that I have been unable to engage in the arguments that I think might 'need' to be had. For example against heresy in the Church.

I'm really thankful that people like you agree with the thoughts though!

Hi Bob,

SI has good points, but it's very focused on a particular group of people. That's fine if that's what they want. :) I actually think SI is what tired me out. Or my behavior there...

Thanks for stopping in!