Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Creation Magazine Live! is ready for your iPod!

Richard Fangrad and Cal Smith host Creation Magazine Live! Both of these men have gracefully been on TCC Radio for a few episodes. These men communicate for the organization of scientists and researchers that is Creation Ministries International (CMI). Cal is also a good friend of TCC's host and founder, Cory McKenna. We try to make use of CMI's resources as often as we can with TCC because frankly, these people are smarter than we are. :) I'm working my way through the episodes now, and am very thankful that I'll now beable to carry them on my iPod.

Here's the info about Creation Magazine Live! from their own website;

Through 24 one hour episodes, hosts Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith of CMI–Canada discuss and summarize the faith-building information found in Creation magazine. Creation magazine has been changing lives and building the faith of Christians in more than 140 countries for more than 30 years. Each issue contains dozens of articles (many by scientists) that refute evolution and support the Bible’s account of creation.

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