Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Cross Current Goes LIVE On The Web

The Cross Current (TCC) officially opened it's web-doors today. The Radio Show and Podcast are in pre-production and early production stages. You may have a volunteer ask you some questions in the coming weeks. I'll be out on the streets here in Halifax with a small group looking for what people want to know. And the streets of London Ont will have an other small team on the look-out for great questions too.

Maybe you can start thinking about it right now! If you do come up with a "doozie" don't wait for us to find you.

What is holding you back from taking a serious look at the Bible and the claims it makes about God, eternal life, punishment, and Jesus Christ? If you've got a question or concern please visit TCC and send it in. Do you think Christians are crazy, judgmental, stupid, childish, fools, deceived, mislead, just plain wrong? Do you think Science discredits the Word or that since there are some many "religions" in the world that it's prideful to claim Christianity is the right one? Do you have no idea at all what it means to be "spiritual"? Do you believe you were a Christian once but "it" let you down? Do you think "the church" just wants your money and to control you? Is there something I've completely missed in this paragraph?


It's like this. Christians have been so busy trying to woo people into the "hallowed halls" that we've forgotten about TRUTH. If we don't hold on to TRUTH, how can we expect anyone to take us seriously? So, please send your concerns, and questions. Every question gets answered. And we're not interested in "selling you", we don't want your money and the churches we attend (which are of different denominations) are doing just fine. We're not looking for "new members". You want the truth of it, logically sound, scientifically sound, morally sound, and Biblically sound? ASK! :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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