Saturday, November 04, 2006

TCC Cuts Across Halifax

Last night the war was on in Halifax. My faithful brother in Christ, Ken, and I hit the streets with unity and and a single task in mind - To sow the seed of the Gospel into as many hearts as would listen. God was so good! He gave us many challenging encounters. At one point a Muslim who was apparently unfamiliar with the affects of alcohol came up to me looking for a remedy to his drunkenness. Very quickly he began to tell me of the demons he believes live in him, and those that plague him at night. He was speaking of not being able to sleep because of the torment. What's really interesting is the man had no idea at all about my beliefs, he had come to me. God gave him over to us last night, as I spoke he became more sober but never did become completely lucid. After he had heard the full Gospel, Ken prayed for release and to have the demons expelled. I didn't see that the man had put his faith in Christ, but he desperately wanted the prayer. If I had it to do over again, I would pray that prayer immediately and then speak with him about God.

Later outside of a movie theatre we asked viewers what they thought of the movie SAW III. This led to a number of great conversations including one which lasted 1 hour and 29minutes with a couple of Muslim men.

God was very good, He strengthened and encouraged us and by His will the Good News of the Gospel was given unto many hearts. Pray with us today that those seeds are watered and pushed deep into fertile ground.


Angie said...

Praise be to God! :) May the hearts of more empty souls in dire need of our Saviour be met thru His endless grace & mercy and your willingness to serve the Lord. Thank you for being a vessel - useful for the Master's use. You're doing what many christians haven found the time or courage to do. :) My prayers will be with you & those you've ministered to. ;)

Kevl said...

Hey Angie,

Thanks!!! I need your prayers. It's great to see a comment from you. :)

Bless You!