Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First Aid

I had the God given opportunity to offer First-Aid to a family involved in a dramatic car accident this morning.

The morning was strange right from the start, as I was going into work 30mins later than I normally do. Somehow with an extra half-hour I JUST got out the door in time to get to work, on time. Of course I didn't end up getting there on time afterall - but that's just fine with me.

A few moments down the road I saw a mini-van and a small car smashed up. I later learned the car had spun the mini-van around 180 degrees and across the road! Though there were many cell-phones being used at the scene and a number of people. The two injured persons were not receiving First-Aid, nor had 911 been called. So I called, gave the info and proceeded to see how everyone was doing.

As directed by Medical on the phone I stabilized a young girl's head and neck and awaited the ambulance. The poor girl had to watch, unable to look away as I was holding her head straight, as they pulled her mother slowly and methodically out of the van. Thankfully no one received very serious injury - although I'm pretty sure the woman will be in physio for sometime getting her back worked out.

This was a completely normal morning for everyone involved, well except for me, but something dramatic and life changing happened in the blink of an eye.

Please, please. PLEASE. If you are are the slightest bit unsure of your standing with God, please take the test found at There is nothing more important, and you may not have tomorrow to get it worked out. Let's settle this right now ok?


Robb said...

God bless you, Kev. Your post screams “GO SERVE YOUR KING!

I mentioned you and your experience in my blog, by the way.

In Christ,
R. Lawson (from SOBE)

Kevl said...

Hey Robb,

I didn't know you had a blog! I've got to get caught up. :)