Monday, October 23, 2006

When Prayer Is Hard

It's hard to pray for someone you are fearful of.

Be the fear for good reason or from false information or from your own vanity, it's hard to pray for someone whom you are afraid of.

Interestingly, we ought pray for everyone. Even more interestingly, God says He has not given us a spirit of fear, and that we need be fearful of nothing.

Well, tonight I find myself fearful of a group of people who are in turn fearful of me. None of us want to quickly go to prayer for the other in this situation.

As cryptic as the above sounds, I'm guessing tonight that any and all who read this can identify with the statements and apply them to situations in their own lives.

Let us remember, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are all of one Body. When one part doesn't function properly the whole doesn't function properly. I hope, that shortly I'll be able to put my pride and hurt feelings aside and pray for these people. Maybe those reading can ask God to soften this broken heart for that purpose.

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