Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Short Open Letter to Those Who Would Teach Christ's Church

To Those Who Would Teach in the Church Which is Christ's Body,

I am thankful to God that He has given, and continues to give Teachers to the Body of Christ. Eph 4:11-16 I am most eager to be built up by those He has given.

Do not feel you need to justify your doctrine to me. You shall justify it to the Lord God Almighty when you stand before Him. James 3:1

Do not feel you need to establish your doctrine by quoting others. You may establish doctrine by rightly dividing the Word of God. 2Tim 2:15 I will not be reading your favorite author to determine if what you say is true, I will be reading what God authored.

Do not feel that your position, fame, influence, or name (or that of those you quote) will give credence to your doctrine.  Know that I will test your doctrine and only hold fast that which is good regardless of what I think about you or those you quote. 1Thes 5:21

These are the standards which I will use to test your doctrine:

By employing the Historical Grammatical Hermeneutic I will determine if your doctrine is explicitly and contextually: stated, demonstrated, and/or required by the inspired Scriptures.

If you, or any unaddressed reader, considers this quarrelsome or any part of it offensive please consider how God the Holy Spirit calls this noble. Acts 17:11

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