Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amazing Night of Witnessing on Friday

Real witnessing encounter in Ottawa, Ontario.
It was being filmed for a training DVD.
Late last Summer, and again in the Fall I was able to share the Gospel with a man named Buddy (name changed for his privacy). Until Friday I hadn't seen him since. Since then I've found myself praying for him more often than almost anyone else I have witnessed to. When I think about the ministry on the streets of my city Buddy is never far from my mind.

This Friday past we ran into him again. For the first 40 or so minutes we simply had the same old conversation that I've had with him twice before, and others have had several times. He's a really nice guy, but he can be hard to converse with. He tends to think that we can't actually know anything.  For example I asked him if he had ever driven in a car and he didn't want to answer because we may not both agree what a car actually is.

Thankfully, his barriers started to break down. Fred was praying constantly through the conversation, and an old friend who I hadn't seen in several years was also praying and aiding in the conversation. The Spirit gave us favor and Buddy really started to open up. He asked about our testimonies, and what being a Christian is really about - not his words, but that is what he was getting at.

We must have spent over an hour and a half speaking with him. It was about 12:40am by the time we finished. Every second of it was amazing though. At first I was just very glad to see him. Then I was glad to be sharing the Gospel with him again. Then I was excited because he was opening up.

When Buddy left us, he realized he could know things. He also took an apologetics book that I hand out, and a Gospel of John. There is nothing in this world more exciting or satisfying as being used of God to witness to lost souls.  I believe that God is drawing that man to salvation; I'm so thankful that He has allowed me to be used in the process.

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