Friday, April 27, 2012

Ian Juby's Travelling Creation Museum

I had the pleasure of meeting Creationist Ian Juby this week. He is on his second stop with a travelling Creation Science museum. I'm impressed with the man, and his exhibit. Not only is he as likeable in person as he is in his videos, he seems to be authentic and transparent. Here are some photos I took of his current setup at Cole Harbour Place in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Ian's Blog is HERE. His highly informative, and exceedingly helpful YouTube channel is HERE.

This is the main exhibit, Noah's Ark in the center and
fossils around the outside.

Noah's Ark was made of "gopher wood" which was not a
type of wood, but a type of cross-bracing of the wood.
One human footprint fossilized inside
a dinosaur's fossilized footprint. Obviously
the evidence shows humans and dinos
were alive at the same time.

Another human print inside a dino print.
There are several others of these at the museum.

Indian rock art, do these things look like
dinosaurs to you too?

Dinosaur carving on a temple in Cambodia? Yep.


Anonymous said...

Please dig deeper. Those painted stones and dino/human tracks are known fakes.

Kevl said...

Well "Anonymous" where is your proof of this accusation?

I recently had someone tell me these were "fake" on Twitter. Also without any evidence of this accusation. When I told Ian about the accusation he responded in the mail section of his next show.

It's easy to make an "anonymous" accusation on the internet but don't expect me to take it seriously just because you say so.

Here's a CT scan

Do you ever wonder why Evolutionists and Atheists have to lie about science and the Bible in order to shore up their claims?