Sunday, November 14, 2010

On My Walk: Some Personal Updates

MusicMan Bongo 5 String
Pouring time into one thing always takes time away from something else. Time is the one resource we can never restock once it is spent, and it's also the one resource that can't be audited. We never know how much more we have to spend on things. Today could very well be the last day of this life, and the first day of the next.

When I was leaving my previous ministry position one of the things that was brought up about me by a critic was that I tend to be discipled at a distance. I thought the statement was hurtful, perhaps even intentionally so, but mostly based on ignorance more than true observation. However, the truth was that I was pouring every minute into that ministry and this really did cause me to not be deeply involved in other things. It was a sacrifice that I was more than willing to make. 

As I have been restructuring my life since resigning I've found time for many wonderful things. My wife and I have MUCH more time together now which has been a true blessing. I'm also more able to be involved in things going on at my church. For instance this week I played bass and guitar during a get together of friends, and I played bass with the worship band at this morning's service. 

Playing bass used to be a huge part of my life but it has had to be all but given up in recent years. Now this week came and I was blessed with being able to play with some lovely people! The congregation did seem to appreciate the music as well. The man leading the team has a very good understanding of how musicians work together in playing music and so I felt I had a kindred friend to work with. What a wonderful time! 

The Lord is good, my walk progresses and He is moulding as He chooses. 

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