Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Salvation & Discipleship - By Rick Flanders

I'm working on some stuff that has me excited. A detailed article based on my studies in Mat 8, a response to a preacher describing what he thinks it means for a salvation message to be "works based" (which will include the ever popular usage of charts!! For those who don't know.. Dispensationalists are nearly addicted to charts) and a follow up to my previous work on assurance through 1st John.  

However, with my head going in several directions I'm not making fast progress on any one thing. SO, I'm glad that Lou has a pretty neat series of articles going on right now. He's reposting an old article by Rick Flanders about the relationship of Salvation & Discipleship.

This quote is what led me to link to them today. In part three Flanders quotes Dr. John R. Rice:
Living right is not an automatic result of being saved, although it is the duty of every saved person. 
Love it.

There is much challenging material in these articles. Not the least of which is how Flanders gives several examples of persons in the Bible who were "disciples" of Jesus, and of John the Baptist but who were not saved at the time, and who never did get saved. Sounds strange right? Check it out! There's much more than this but that's what sticks to my ribs, as it were.

Currently there are three parts on line at Lou's blog. Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

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I'm pleased to know you find this series by Rick Flanders helpful. The series has produced a great deal of on line and off line discussion.

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