Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Kool-Aid: Easy Turnism

If you don't know what I mean by "Bad Kool-Aid" please read the introduction to this series.

The Lordship Salvation preacher will tell you that you must "turn from your sins" or "forsake your sins" in order to be Eternally Saved.  It is claimed that repentance is defined as either turning from or forsaking one's sins. This understanding of repentance will be another Bad Kool-Aid topic, but it comes primarily from poor Bible study practices. In short, both the underlying Greek or Hebrew words which are translated as repentance in some translations of the Bible, and the context of the passages they are used in are ignored. A very detailed study of repentance can be found at BBNBI.

Claiming that one must "turn from" or "forsake" their sins in order to be saved is Bad Kool-Aid because it is not only false, it makes a hypocrite of the person preaching it. Very few Lordship Salvation proponents also preach that Christians attain "sinless perfection" which is the result of "turning from" or "forsaking" one's sins.  So the person who is preaching that the sinner must forsake their sins in order to be saved, must by their own ruling be exposed as unsaved themselves.

When challenged about this hypocrisy the Lordship Salvation proponent will most often explain that they don't mean one must ACTUALLY give up all their sins, they just need to be willing to.

This is mere mental assent to forsaking your sins. What's more, if you're willing to forsake your sins but you haven't yet then how can you be said to have submitted to the Lordship of Christ? Does He not command that all men everywhere repent? Acts 17:30-31 Also, did not the Apostle John write that Believers should "sin not"? 1Jn 2:1

Mere mental assent to turning from or forsaking your sins is the definition of Easy Turnism. The Lordship Salvation proponent needs to determine if the Scriptures demand that a sinner forsake their sins to be saved or not. For those who teach will be judged strictly. James 3:1 Perhaps one can be forgiven in this life for following a preacher, but when we stand before God He'll have a much higher Standard.

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