Sunday, July 26, 2009

Called a legalist for reading the Scriptures

Well I'm dumb founded today. Had a man who holds the position of Elder at my church say he thought it's legalistic for me to be reading through the Scriptures with other Brethren after services.

It was said that I'm often seen reading and discussing the Scriptures. I didn't know that was a bad thing... apparently this man thinks it is.


Anonymous said...

and he is elder?!?

Kevl said...

No Sister I don't think he is but he's filling that role in the church. Maybe this is a sharpening thing for him but I believe our assembly was too quick to lay hands on the man.

It's amazing what fallout there is from things.


Tom said...

What? A Christian who actually reads the Bible...

This sounds like a really sad situation. I would encourage you to discuss it with him to find out exactly what he meant but I would also suggest that you have another elder present (or two). That way, if it was a misunderstanding it can be corrected but if there is a problem with this "elder" the other elders will see it first hand and be able to deal with it appropriately.

Hang in there.

Chinedu said...

Hi kevi,
I LOVE your blog posts. keep reading and discussing scriptures. This is the time to boldly declare the gospel of His grace without fear.

Kevl said...

Hey I'm preparing the letter that I sent the Board of Elders for public print. I'd love to have a bit of debate about the subject.

It's not really the direction I wanted to go this month but hey go with the flow right?

I completely agree that now is the time to continue proclaiming the Gospel of Grace.


Jan said...


That is a very strange situation. Do keep us apprised.


Lou Martuneac said...


I'd gladly take seeing believers gather for Scripture reading after the Sunday morning service ahead of rushing to the parking lot to make it home before the opening kick-off of an NFL game.


Kevl said...

Me too Brother Lou, me too!

It seems this man has been taught that adhering to the Scriptures is "legalism."


David Wyatt said...

I would say that's hard to believe, but in this day it is not. God Bless you & keep it up.