Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Xiphos - Open Source Bible Study Software

I'm still trying to play catch up on a lot of things in ministry and life. The new computer is working well thankfully.

Today I found a really cool piece of software. I make no bones about promoting e-Sword but I may have found something better than even that!

Xiphos is an open source program with a bunch of modules available. It's got an internal module manager and I'm grabbing everything I can get my paws on right now. I'm going to make it my main Bible reader for the next few weeks and see if it really does top my beloved e-Sword.


Stephen said...

Howdy Kev, I'm always interested in Open Source stuff! How's it workin' out for ya so far? Are you runnin' it under Windows or Linux -- or both?

Kevl said...

I've found it a bit awkward in navigating the books of the Bible. It's got great resources though...

Kinda like to see them team up with e-Sword.


karl said...

If you've got problems or suggestions for how navigation works, by all means let us know. What part of the navbar is awkward?

Likelihood of us "teaming up" with e-Sword is...very low. Regrets. Rick is emphatically not interested in any such thing.

Karl Kleinpaste
project admin

Kevl said...

Hi Karl,

I'll go back to using it so I can give you an accurate overview of my thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE that people are willing to serve the Lord by making it easier for others to learn about Him.


Kevl said...


I know it has been a while since my last comment.

I intend on making a screencast of my experience with the software.