Monday, August 03, 2009

Robb Lawson in the hospital

I just heard that Brother Robb Lawson is in the hospital. He suffers from significant health issues already but I don't know why he is there today. Please pray for our Brother's swift and complete recovery.

Robb is host of Good Morning Jesus Christ!


Jenn said...

My thoughts & Prayers are with Robb, i'm a good friend of his, please if u hear anything more on how he is would you let me know, my e-mail is

Thanks, Jenn

Kevl said...

Robb is doing better today. He has survived surgery and is currently being assisted with breathing and some other organ functions.

He's been able to write a note, but has not yet been able to speak because of ventilation.

Please continue to pray.


bp said...

Praying for Robb..How is he doing? I don't know how current this is.

Kevl said...

Robb has been taken off of the ventilator but still has some other assistance. I haven't spoken with his mom in a couple of days so I don't know what the latest is.

She said the meds were making him loopy still but that he mostly knows what's going on.

I'll have more later.