Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blog post from someone who's been on TCC

Well I hosted TCC Radio this week, and that was a new experience. Made for a busy week that's for sure! Cory will be back on the air next week, and I'm THANKFUL!

For the episode of TCC Radio called Expelled: Politics & Popcorn we spoke with Micheal. He stuck around after the movie and chatted with Cory. It wasn't the best sounding interview - by a long shot - because of microphone issues but it was interesting. And being interesting is pretty important for a radio show right?

I think it's neat to finally read a blog post made by someone who's been interviewed by TCC. In the post Micheal shares some more thoughts about his take on the movie and what it was like for him to be interviewed by Cory, the host of TCC Radio. Check it out here.

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