Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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We've had some really great conversation in the thread called The Power Of God To Salvation. Mark, Jazzy and Bridget each contributed their views in support of Lordship Salvation.

I, and other men, vehemently disagree with them. We have shown by Scripture why. I would like to thank both Lou and JP for their comments and for their participation in the Gospel of Christ. In that thread I tried to remain friendly and graceful but of course did not always succeed. These discussions can get very heated and it's easy to see people on either side wanting to "win" instead of wanting to offer up simple Truth.

The Gospel is precious and can not be allowed to be defiled. It is the message of God's Grace towards man. It speaks of things that are too Holy to be uttered by the dirty mouths of men. But for His Glory, the Lord God Almighty has chosen weak and small men like myself to carry that message of Salvation to the World. A message freedom without cost available to the slaves in bondage who will but receive the Gift of God.

I've turned comment moderation on. That means IF I manage to get some time in the next week to allow comments then I will. But I do not expect to. I made my closing statements and then left commenting on for several hours. The others have not chosen to offer any closing statements so the thread stands as it is for now. I will turn free commenting on again as soon as I will be able to moderate properly.

In the meant time, I'm preparing the next article in a series on Lordship Salvation Theology and it will be called "The Offense Of The Cross" Gal 5:11 comes to mind immediately of course, but so do sections like 1 Cor 1:17-24 and Col 2:11-23 if you think about it.

The Gospel is the message of The Christ Crucified on the Cross on our behalf for our sins, buried in the ground, and risen and seen again. Are you offended by the Cross because of any of these?

That the Cross shows you exactly what a sinner you are.

That the Cross shows you exactly what is required because of your sin.

That the Cross shows you exactly how Good God is.

That the Cross shows you exactly what the Innocent willingly paid.

That the Cross shows you exactly that the guilty and unworthy can justly, and freely, go free.

Does the Cross offend you, Sinner?

Does the Cross offend you, Saint?

Does the Cross offend you?


Jonathan Perreault said...


Thanks for the great discussion and stand for the truth of the Gospel. This is a great quote when you said:

"The Gospel is the message of The Christ Crucified on the Cross on our behalf for our sins, buried in the ground, and risen and seen again."


Lou Martuneac said...


I appreciate your defense of the Gospel from the twin assaults of Lordship Salvation and the GES's "Crossless" gospel.


Kevl said...

Hey JP and Lou,

I'm glad to see a week away didn't kill conversation. I'm a tad tired.. and was pretty aggressive in my last post. Hopefully what I meant will shine through my tone..

Oh I'm excited about what God is showing me. I'm a long way from the Mark but He's showing me glimpses of Him.

I'm looking at the "thief on the cross" right now. His story, and that of the crowd that day really does show "the offense of the Cross." Gotta make this one a bit shorter though. :)

Bless you guys!

Kevl said...

My interaction with Bridget and my incredible laziness is delaying my next article.... but it's coming. :)