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A Sight Of Apostacy In Proverbs

Before I talk about the subject at hand I want to address something very important to me, and you. Scripture has "depth" and by that I mean it's True on all levels. It's a great way of being able to recognize Scripture is not the wisdom of a man. Man can write something that is True on one level, usually, but the deeper the investigation gets the more man's writing falls apart. For example let's look at something that is clearly True when we look at the surface. 1+1=2. How can you argue with that? Well what if 1=2? (you say at first that it doesn't... but go with me here cause I may even get the chance to shock you in a moment) What if 1 does equal 2? Well if that were so then 1+1=4 would be true, and 1+1=2 would be false.

Am I absolutely nuts? Valid question... it is. I may be.. but take a look at the math equations by Ross Nordeem. Ross saw the truth of 1+1=2 just like nearly all right thinking men do. But he looked deeper and saw where what is plainly true to man becomes plainly wrong and false when investigated.

This is a great example of the Truth of Scripture and why it couldn't have been written by the wisdom of Man. I encourage believers and non-believers alike to look at Scripture to see this. The deeper you go into it the more Truth you find, the more you see all the Bible front to back agrees with it's self unlike any writing by a man could. Look at the original languages because really English is a blunt instrument and is nowhere near as "deep" as Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. If you're not amazed by what you see, think that this "Book" was written in pieces by more than 40 authors most of whom never met each other, over 1400 years, on different continents, who were of all walks of life from Kings to peasants, from lawyers to fathers - and it all harmonizes as though one author wrote it. That's because One Author did write it, just many different pens recorded what was being said like a secretary records notes.

Proverb 7 is used very often to teach about the dangers of lust and adultery. Which it does teach about. But if you look deeper you'll see that it also teaches about "apostasy" and false religion. The Bible in the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ speaks of the final One World Religion as the Harlot. That's a lesson for another day, but let's take that concept and look at the Proverb of the topic today.

Prov 7:18-21 Prov 9:1-6 and Prov 9:14-18 are our primary portions for today. Now please don't think this is a complete teaching on the subject at all.. not even scratching the surface but I want to speak a warning to some, and encouragement to others. And for the lost, I hope to show you consistency in a world where the Church has ignored your need to see that.

Apostasy comes from the Greek word apostasia which means "a falling away or defection." Be warned of this, and guard your heart above all else! Prov 4:23 For it is so evil that no man could know it. Jer 19:9 The Apostate of today are those who have fallen away from the Truth of God's Word into religion and man's wisdom. The things that tickle mens hears but that leave us in bondage and grave danger.

In Prov 7:18 the harlot, the false religion, says "come let us revel" she goes on to talk about filling our lusts. She speaks of selfish behavior centered on our wants and needs. In verses 19 - 21 she explains why she wants to act this way. The Husband is gone a long way away, He's taken the money and she expects Him to return at a particular moment.

There is a lot here. Christ has said He will always be with us. Mat 28:20 and we shouldn't worry about our needs, as though He's taken the "moneybag" with Him because He'll always be with us. Heb 13:5

She thinks she can act however she wants because she doesn't believe He will come home and find her acting this way. She thinks she knows He's not coming today. Christ warns us that we don't know when He's coming. In fact while He was here in flesh He Himself didn't know the day He will return! Mat 24:36 Mat 13:32-33 we ought to be watching and looking carefully for His return. This should govern our behavior and our service. The concept is called the Imminency of Christ's return and Renald Showers is very good at explaining this.

We live in dangerous times because there are many who have lost the Fear of God who yet claim the name of Christ. They shout, whisper and appeal to us in ways that seem godly. But remember that what man says may seem true on the surface but still be completely false. God's Wisdom calls to us in Prov 9:1-6 and we see that false religion calls ever so similarly in Prov 9:14-18 it seems godly but the end is Death. Notice that the Harlot calls to those who are walking the right way and to those who are ignorant. She beacons all, so all must be on guard against false religion.

Be so very careful Brethren for we are at a dangerous time when we need to be sowing the Seed to the Lost and living as though Christ were coming tonight.

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