Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crazy Night On The Waterfront

So our rag-tag little team meet up with Kirk and Todd of Open Air Campaigners for the beginning of the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax. And I gotta tell you these guys know how to draw a crowd. What a cool night! It was amazing to see how hostile people were too. I mean we were threatened and called down to the lowest! Fun stuff! Hard to believe I used to be afraid of the things people might say or do.

You can't get mad at a blind man who bumps into something... and getting mad at a blind sinner for getting angry would make about as much sense. Had my life threatened tonight... by a drunk guy who claimed to be a Christian.. The coolest thing about it was one of the people I was talking with was referencing hypocritical Christians and we had a great example right there. Now - let me be up front here I have more than my fair share of experience with being a hypocrite myself. I spent most of my life pretending to be a Christian.

What's the difference between pretending and being one? Repentance. When you KNOW you need Jesus and He is your only hope - when you put THAT faith in Him.. then you don't need to pretend. See you know you're not a good person, and you know all the other real Christians know you're not.. and they themselves aren't. See if you're real, that's when you realize you don't have to pretend.

I linked to this the other day, but it's on my heart again. Take a listen to this one minute mp3.

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Dennis said...

Any Pictures?


Kevl said...

Hey Beloved Brother Dennis,

No pictures yet, but I should have some video of the cops shutting us down a few times on Saturday. :)

Sometime this week I think I'll have them.