Sunday, July 29, 2007

Looking for the answer

So here I am realizing that yes there is some form of reception of the Holy Spirit POST salvation. And that this reception empowers Christians to be something other than hypocrites. I don't know how it all works, yet, but I am learning. My Pastor - who I have disagreed with on this issue, that is until I honestly looked at Acts 8:14-17 It becomes apparent that you can be a "Sealed" believer, a Saved, Born Again Christian - and still not have fully received the Spirit. There is something about having the Spirit fall "on" you.

I have not "jumped off the deep end" here at all. I am totally against what is aptly called "Charismania" but I am completely for what the Bible says - even if I am often a hypocrite.

My Pastor gave me a good book to read by Chuck Smith called Charisma vs Charismania. I am SO glad he did, because it has put my heart further at rest. My dear Pastor, whom I love beyond what makes sense to me, has always shown himself to be about order and Truth. So I've been confused by his stance on this issue - seeing as I'm always right and all..... lol

Just now I found this book published on line for free reading. I'm blessed to be able to share it with you. There are two things that in his book that I'm still looking at to see if I can find agreement. I'll likely post more about them later, but for now I'm gonna be late for church. Doh!

Charisma vs Charismania by Chuck Smith

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Robb said...

You crazy Charismatic!


Kevl said...

Hey don't call me Charismatic! It could be dangerous with my craziness and all...