Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Thing About Worry

God tells us over and over and over again that Believers have nothing to fear. He encourages peace in our hearts at every meeting whether that be in prayer, in study or in simply waiting on Him.

I've found recently that it's our nature to be fearful. We almost go looking for something to be fearful about. As one problem is dealt with we quickly look to the next to see if it's about to destroy us. This week God has eased my mind about an important thing, God be Blessed, and what have I done? I've traded that worry for a financial worry. Surely if God can save a soul such as mine, and create the whole universe He can care for all of my needs.

When a Christian worries he is proclaiming that God is a liar. That's the hard fact of it. Will we fear? yes. Does that mean we're not Christians? No. But it does mean we have more to learn about Him. That shouldn't be a surprise for any of us though should it.

Some times it's good just to proclaim truth and agree with it. God is faithful. He is just. All good giving and all perfect gifts come from Him. He will not leave us nor forsake us. He is able to keep us from falling.

Thank God for His work in my life. For the godly fear, and reverence I have learned to have for him. For the love He has put in my heart, not only for brethren, but also for the lost.

As my wife would express. He is good. And that's good enough for me.

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