Friday, January 12, 2007


Last August I made a post about Abortion. I'm going to do a little follow up here today, as prompted by an article I'm reading at AiG today.

Here's the previous post.

Answers in Genesis got a feedback E-Mail about their content as it applies to the abortion of unborn children. The person was upset and brought out a number of the normal arguments and accusations. The reason why I think this is a good read is because it IS an emotional issue. And it's hard to think straight when things as painful as "rape" "incest" "deformities" and "mental disorders" are brought up. Are there real honest and reasonable answers to concerns such as these? Take a look at the feedback article to see for yourself. Here's a quote and a response from I found endearing.

Next time you meet up with someone disabled from birth, look them in the eyes and tell them that they should have been aborted. About nine out of ten British babies suffering from Down’s Syndrome are aborted.3 Such an attitude encourages society’s irrational fear of disability, as if the mother were giving birth to a “monster.” Such negative stereotypes of disability should have no place in today’s society, and certainly have no place in a biblical worldview, which sees all human life as being in the image of God. Anya Souza—a Down’s Syndrome sufferer—was allowed to address the 2003 International Down’s Syndrome Screening Conference in London. She said:

I can't get rid of my Down's syndrome, but you can't get rid of my happiness. You can't get rid of the happiness I give others either. It's doctors like you that want to test pregnant women and stop people like me being born. Together with my family and friends I have fought to prevent my separation from normal society. I have fought for my rights... I may have Down's syndrome but I am a person first.4

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