Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heaven by Vernon K. Lockner

The current issue of my favorite online publication, Christian Chronicles, finishes with a beautiful poem.


Vernon K. Lockner

Beyond the brilliant crystal sea,
Past streets of gold and emerald green,
I see a rainbow ‘round His throne,
Where Christ and heaven are my home.

Beyond the mighty cherubim,
Past countless angels praising Him,
There is a place of faithful rest,
A mercy-seat where all are blessed.

Beyond the elders, twenty-four,
The tree of life and golden shore,
Where gates are pearl and all is right,
And Jesus is the only Light;

Beyond the many woes of life,
Past all the sin and constant strife,
Beyond the pain this life will bring,
There is a song the saints still sing!

Beyond this earth and all the tears,
Past all our cares and anxious fears,
I long for heaven’s perfect peace,
And dancing at the wedding feast.

Beyond this life, beyond our death,
Just past our final mortal breath,
For those in Christ God has a plan:
Eternal joys at His right hand.

So, heed His call and come to Him;
Bring nothing but your guilt and sin.
In Christ alone place all your faith,
And come to heaven, saved by grace!

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